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The A2 Practical Test
Aged 19+
More than 395 cc 25-35kW

(CBT Certificate and a Motorcycle Theory Test Certificate required by all riders)

Module One and Module Two tests must be taken on a motorcycle over 395cc and between 25-35kW. All riders must have passed their Theory test before applying for the either Module One or Two Test. When both of the Practical Tests have been passed then you will ALWAYS be restricted to a motorcycle up to 35kW. (Approx 600cc maximum)

To ride a motorcycle with more power than 35kW (approx under 600cc maximum) you must hald a full A2 licence for 2 years OR wait until you are 24 years old. Then you can take the A test <Click Here>

A Test can be booked by ringing 0300 200 1122 quoting your Credit Card and Driving Licence Number or book online <Click Here>

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