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Theory Test

You do not have to take your Theory Test to ride on the road however
ALL riders will have to take a Theory Test before you can book a Practical Test
(L Plate Driving Test).
A Theory Test can be booked by ringing 0300 200 1122 quoting your Credit Card
and Driving License Number or book online
<Click Here>

Everyone must complete a seperate theory test for each vehicle group

The Theory Test is in two parts:
The Multi choice Highway code section
The Hazard Perception Test

Try these links for a free practice

Free Theory and Hazard Test Online <Click Here>

CD Roms to help prepare for the Theory Test

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Hazard Perception Test Video

So what is the Hazard Perception Test all about?

With the help of Focus and Imagitech have put together a video clip (run time is 4:39 minutes)
We hope this will help explain how the hazard perception test is marked with explanations about the 'marking window' and how to watch the clips for hazards. The video clip also gives advice from an Advanced Driver.